Hmong Mutual Assistance Association
of Sheboygan, Inc.
A Non-Profit Organization, Est. 1980
2304 Superior Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081   
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Zoo Siab Txais Sawv Daws ~~ Welcome to All
Our Mission: To provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services
and programs to the Sheboygan Community.

We are proud to bring you this Website to provide more information and educational resources
about the Sheboygan Hmong Community and the activities taking place at the Hmong Community
Center in Sheboygan.

Please feel free to visit all of the pages in this site and let us know your opinion and give us your
feedback. Your input and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Most of the information posted in this site may be public information; however, pictures and photos
are copyright documents and are not allowed to be copied or duplicated for any reason without
proper permission from the management of the HMAA.

Thank you for visiting our site and hope you would find the site to be informative and helpful.

Thank you.

Effective 3/1/2014

Conference Hall
$50/half day
$100/Full day
$150/serving food
$100 Refundable

Copy Machine

$3/first page, $1 after
for local; long distance
$5 first page, $1 after

per person

$0.30 per word for
document translation

(All fees may change
without notice. Please check
with HMAA office before
making your decisions)
(C)  All Copy Rights
reserved by HMAA,
Buy DNR Fishing and Hunting Licenses
and  State Park Admission Pass at HMAA

Since June 2013, HMAA has been accepted as a Wisconsin DNR License Agent.
HMAA has the capability and legal rights to sell the following
licenses and passes for the State of Wisconsin:

Fishing        Deer        Game Birds        Turkey        Bear        Wolf        
Migratory Birds        Waterfowl          Small Games
Protected Species         seasonal/Daily Park Pass

Stop by HMAA office during business hours to buy your license today.
Call 458-0808 for off-hours appointments
W-e will do our best to accommodate your need.
Proceeds from the sales go to support HMAA's programs.
Thank you for support

We are looking for new Board members who are
committed to giving of their time to help the HMAA.  

Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of each
month from 6 pm to 8 pm.