Hmong Mutual Assistance Association



The Hmong Mutual Assistance Association of Sheboygan, Inc. (HMAAS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1980 by the Hmong Community of Sheboygan. The purpose of the association is to promote a spirit of loving friendship, cooperation, and benevolence among the Hmong community of Sheboygan; to serve the economic, social, and cultural needs of the Hmong people; to hold meetings and gatherings for the better realization of such purposes; and to promote increased understanding, opportunity and sharing of resources in the greater Sheboygan area.

HMAAS’ primary mission is to assist the Southeastern Asian refugees in their resettlement process in Sheboygan County and to promote opportunities that will enable refugee families to become self-sufficient. In 1982, HMAAS was the first refugee organization to receive federal funding through the State of Wisconsin Refugee Assistance Office to provide basic support services to refugee families such as housing assistance, employment, health, interpretation and translation, short-term counseling, and information and referral. HMAAS is known as a leading agency in providing services to the refugee community and has received many recognition awards from state and federal agencies for its strong performances.

HMAAS has been a model for many Hmong MAAs across the State of Wisconsin since its existing in 1980. HMAAS is proud of its leadership in constantly advocating and promoting self-sufficiency and quality of life for all refugees; particularly, the Hmong communities. HMAAS feel blessed with good leaders and will continue to build and prepare future leaders to maintain its traditions of caring and serving the needs of the community.

Currently, HMAAS is governed by 13 volunteer Board of Directors who are elected annually by HMAAS membership: Nine Hmong and four community-at-large members. Each Board member is elected to serve a two-year term. HMAAS Board of Directors were recently reduced from 15 to 13 members as April 2007 to increase it’s leadership effectiveness.